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6. Ambit 200



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6a. Changing the MAC Address of the Ambit 200


First things first : , you will need to open your modem this is done by locating the rubber feet underneath your modem it's the back two you want to lift, once you have removed the rubber feet you need to remove the two screws, which will then allow you to unclip the cover, be careful as the clips are fragile and break easily.


Once you're inside your modem you need to locate a 5 pin header, you can see this in the photo below:

The pin header is on the Right hand side of the board on the ambit 200 modems.

You will see that they are labeled: GND, TXD, 3.3v, RXD & GND, you will only be using one of the grounds and that is the one next to TXD.


Now you need to attach your audio clip onto the pin header as shown below, it should fit perfectly without any problems:

Once this is done attach the serial end to your computer in COM1, don't plug the power into your modem yet.Next Page