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6b. Communicating with your modem


Next comes the setting up of your computer to talk to the modem, this can be done in two ways either using HyperTerminal or Teraterm download available from the shack under cable modem download section), for the purpose of this tutorial I am using hyper terminal.

Open up hyper terminal by going to

Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal

Click this to open up the program you will be asked to choose a name for the session, you can choose whatever you like, I just normally put in NTL, press ok, you will then need to configure your port I like to do this manually as I think it works better, the settings should be like the picture below:


Once you have set these hit ok, and you will see the next screen like in the picture below with the phone icon active:

But still don't plug the cable feed in yet!


The modem will not lock on so the data will keep running in HyperTerminal window this is fine


Now enter the non update command:

cd non-vol\snmp

max_dload_tries 0


cd \



Now unplug the modem from the power lead and connect the cable feed

You should have the HyperTerminal window still open.

And now power the modem up again

And leave it to boot fully this time should take 30 sec's to a minute

But when complete you will see the picture below in HyperTerminal window


What I always do is enter the non update again

This is as follows:


cd non-vol\snmp

max_dload_tries 0


cd \



The modem will reset this time and just wait until you see the command line again. This is now at the point we enter the new Mac in to the modem.

Once you're at the command line type the following:


Cd non-vol press Enter

Cd halif press Enter


Once you have done the above all you need to do now is enter the command for changing your Mac address which is as follows:


mac_address 1 00:00:00:00:00:00


This command sets HFC mac address (this is the cable modem mac address).

Replace the 0's with your relevant numbers.


After you have entered your new mac address, type the following:




This command writes the information you changed to the nvram, once this is done reset your modem by unplugging power and re plug back in.


That should be your Ambit 200 modem cloned with a new Mac address.


The next bit is to go into Internet explorer and type in, this is the root address of the modem, you will be asked for a username and password they are both the same and it is root.

You should then see in the centre of your internet explorer the following information; this I hope will show you your new Mac address :

You can now give yourself a pat on the back for cloning your 1ST Mac address


The Final thing you need to do is remove your max232 / max233 from your PC and your modem pin header connection, turn of modem, unplug cables and put modem back together with screws and sticky feet.