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6c. Telewest (TW) Stream


Now as I've already mentioned the NTL Ambits can be used on a TW stream to do this you must do the following as put together by me,




Enter into your web browser you will be asked for username and password both are root once you have entered these details you will be presented with this screen:


Once in the modems internal web page click on set search frequency parameters and you will now see this screen:

Now just delete one of the frequencies and in the box that says history frequency enter the correct downstream frequency for your area and click on "add" then click on "set all frequencies as valid" and that's it all done.

PS these screen shots were taken from an ambit 200 with the 100/120 you will not need to delete any frequencies as there will only be one downstream frequency preset into the modem.


If you are unsure on how to find out your downstream frequency you can check your subbed modems internal web page in the same way although you will not need to enter a username or password here's some screenshots from a surfboard modem:


Click on the signal tab and this will bring you here:

As you can see the downstream frequency has been changed to match TW's configuration.


Please note the hacked Ambit modems are under attack From NTL and there are serious problems with these modems and a fix may never be found, but hopefully the resourcefulness of the people who are in the scene will find a solution to the current problems being experienced with NTL users. If some clever bugger finds a fix, for the NTL Updates then this tutorial will be updated accordingly. The way they initially kill your modem, is by upgrading the firmware on your modem (Firmware is what tells your modem how to operate). Once your Ambit has the update you will not be able to use Hyper / Terra terminal. If your modem has updated you will need to restore it to its original state, to do this there are two ways, an easy way and a hard way. I'll put in the tutorial for the hard way for educational purposes but you should be able to do it via the easy method. OK the hard way will require a certain amount of skill this requires you to remove the modems TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package), basically the 48 pin chip soldered to the modems circuit board. Secondly you will then need read, erase and then write to the chip. And thirdly, also the hardest part of the process, you'll need to re-solder the chip back to the board. Here's the tutorial on re-flashing the TSOP back to its pre updated state.