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6d. Programming Ambit Chips, with Willem 4.5

The following screen shots and text were put together by

Jim Rose




1. Here is a picture, of how, I set the Willem up, the only jumper I had on is the 29f, as you can see in the picture:

2. Ok once the Willem is set up put the chip in with the circle end at the top near the red jumper (29f). Put the serial lead in and the power lead in. I used a 12v, 1 amp power adapter.


3. Now open up software epr097g which is included. Now go to device like below:


then go to 29VF/39LF/VF/49LFxxx, then 29LVx00 (8/16 bit), then down to 29LV160, like so


4. Once this is selected hit the id button to id the chip and you should get the following:


5. Once you hit ok, erase the chip the erase button is underneath the minimize button in the picture above. Don't panic if it goes to about 5% then cuts out, just repeat this process about 5 or 6 times to be sure. You can then do a blank chip test by clicking on the chip with the question mark.


6. OK moving onto the settings of the software to program chip

Firstly where its says PCB3 on the above picture click on it to change it to Willem , then check the temporary sector unprotected, your screen should now look like this:

As you can see it gives you the dip switch settings but they are back to front as you can see they go from 12 to 1.


7. Now what you have to do is clear the buffer which you can do by clicking on the little yellow box with red X through it. Once you have done this load up your dump which should be in BIN form.


8. Once you have loaded up your pre-updated dump click on program chip which is the little picture of the chip with the lightening through it. It took about 10-15mins programming and verifying the chip.


9. Now put the chip down, there are various methods of doing this if you search around. Once the chip is down, plug in your Ethernet cable and your power lead (NOT CABLE FEED) into the modem and switch on. Then the Sync, Power and Rdy lights will come on solid for about 10 seconds then they will all flash in sequence if this does not happen and the Power, Rdy and Sync stay solid there is a problem either try re-laying the chip or reprogram it again.


10. Now open up internet explorer and type into the address bar and you should arrive at this page:

As you can see it still has the old screen and where it says software upgrade file name it has the old software C2403225.cpr.


All you need to do now is put your new MAC on and do the no-update mod which you can find on Unlocker-Forums modem section.


I hope this helps you, please feel free to add to this tutorial, as some people might have different ways of doing this, but this the way I got it to work. AS FOR WORKING DUMPS I DON'T KNOW IF IM ALLOWED TO POST THEM WITH THIS, JUST PM ME AND I WILL SEND THEM TO YOU. Thanks to DannyMaxPower for his help, peace out JIM ROSE.