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6e. Ambit 200 Firmware Downgrading via Ethernet

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This guide will allow you to easily unlock terminal locked modems that stop at 3348 in HyperTerminal. Objective is to downgrade the firmware on the Flash to pre-updated non-terminal locked. Thus allowing us access to CM> prompt. After following this guide you need to follow the modem tutorial as usual. I advise not putting the modem on stream whilst you do this, it is not needed and will avoid it updating again.


Things you're going to need:


" Max232 cable and HyperTerminal Software

" Copy of image1.bin

" Ethernet cable

" Solarwinds Tftp


Installing Solarwinds

First step is to run the Solarwinds setup file SolarWinds-TFTP-Server.exe. Just click Yes > Next > Yes when asked, Tftp server will install.


Next we need to configure our PC Ethernet card for connection with modem, goto:

Start > Settings > Control panel

Then Select Network Connections.

Right click on local area connection and click properties. In the white box you need to click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) then click Properties.

Information needs to be as below:




Setting up the locked modem

Now, it's time to connect your modem. You need to plug in Ethernet cable to you PC and MAX232 adapter to your pc serial card. Don't power the modem up just yet.


First you need to load HyperTerminal and open a connection to com port as usual.

Now, plug your modem in but be ready to push P when prompted:

Enter '1', '2', or 'p' within 2 seconds or take default...

Shortly, after powering up.


If Successful you will see Board IP Address []:


Here you need to type then press enter

IP mask press enter

IP gateway press enter

Mac address press enter

Internal/External press I


It will now say if successful


Init EMAC, DMA, and MII PHY...


Autonegotiation started, waiting for completion...Autonegotiation successful...


MAC setup for FullDuplex


Then, Display Main Menu.


Here press D to download the image and save to flash. It will ask for server and file details.


TFTP Get Selected

Board TFTP Server IP Address []:


Now we need to start the TFTP server.

First we need to copy the pre-updated image image1.bin to your c:\ root.

This is included with the Tutorial. Just extract to c:\ with Winrar.


To load TFTP Server Click Start>Programs>Solarwinds Free Tools>TFTPSERVER


You need to make sure that any firewall applications you are running don't stop the TFTP server connecting. It's best to close them whilst running this tutorial to avoid problems.


Solarwinds Configuration


Click File > Configure you will be produced with the screen shown above.

Make sure C:\ is selected as above and that image1.bin is listed.

Click OK to save. There is no need to change any other settings.

You should also note the IP address is correct in the status bar of TFTP Server.


Image Transfer

Back in HyperTerminal we can now enter our TFTP details as below.


Board TFTP Server IP Address []:

Enter TFTP filename []: image1.bin


If all is good it will display:


Free store: a0300000

Starting TFTP of image1.bin from

Getting image1.bin using octet mode


This is now copying to the modem. When complete it will say if successful:


CRC Verified

Destination image

0 = bootloader

1/2 = CM image

3 = specify flash sector

(0-3)[1]: Here press 1 to save to Image 1 on the modem.


Stored 906916 bytes

Verified 906916 bytes


If asked Store parameters to flash ? [n] press Y


You will now be displayed with the main menu again. Press B to reboot the modem and load from flash.

If all goes well the modem will reboot. If all has gone well you should see the modem scanning for frequencies.


Congratulations you've done it.


Now be sure to do the MaxDloadTries = 0 fix before connecting to the cable stream. Just follow the modem tutorial as normal.


You also need to be sure to change you PC's Ethernet IP configuration back to DHCP (Obtain IP address automatically) before connecting to the internet.


Respect to Bulla.


Please note that, both of these methods will only restore your modem back to, it's original state, this combined with the "no update" mod should keep your modem in a pre updated state.