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6g. Restoring a Compatible Bootloader.


If you have Sigma on your Ambit200, you no longer have a working flash menu at bootup (Where you press 'p' when the modem starts up). This will allow you to restore a working bootloader so you can flash another image onto the modem.


You must have both these installed for everything to work:

.NET Framework 2.0

Visual J# Redistributable Package


Firstly, connect your modem to your PC with a MAX232/3 interface and boot up the modem without the cable feed attached. Wait about 10 seconds then start the SoftJTAG program in this archive. This window will appear.

Select Serial (change the COM port value if you are not using COM1)

Click Connect.


The window should eventually change to this:

Now click on Write Bootloader and browse to the bootloader.bin file included with this archive.

It should then begin to write the file to the modem's flash memory.

It does take rather a long time, so go do something else for a while.


Eventually it will finish and should look like this.


That's it! Reboot the modem and you should now have the familiar flash menu equipped bootloader restored onto the modem.