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7d. 250 configurator guide


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Once your Ambit250 has had the firmware flashed successfully its time for you to input your area settings this is made easy with Boltars 250configurator App.


The 250 configurator requires the following 2 Microsoft application's to run correctly:


1. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)


2. Microsoft Visual J# Version 2.0 Redistributable Package



You can either use a max232/233 cable through your COM Port or Ethernet cable through Telnet.


list of the details about your area that you will need:

1. A Valid Mac Address

2. Tuner Type

3. Annex Mode

4. Downstream Frequency

5. Config File

6. TFTP Server IP

7. Admin Status (always 3)

8. Max DL Tries (always 4)

9. Force Cfg (ticked)

10. Telnet (Enabled) - well that's up to you


Some area settings


cm_tuner: 19

cm_annex_3: For pure sometimes only if annex_b don't work

ds_frequency: 402750000

Config file: [10/20megs]





cm_tuner: 19

ds_frequency: 586750000



cm_tuner: 19


ds_frequency: 331000000

Config file: cm-20480-768 [20megs]


Getting Started

Now you have your area details, MAC and your TFTP Server IP lets get started.


1. Connect all cables up and power up modem


2. Click either Telnet or select serial & Comport


3. Now click Connect and once connected enter all of your area settings so it looks like this:

NOTE: These settings are for NTL-PURE, change as appropriate, and make sure to fill in all boxes with details for your area, i.e for NTL-Pure, ex-C&W / TW

NOTE: MAC address has been removed for security reasons


4. Once all boxes are filled in and ticked, press: Write Settings, now the app will write your settings to modem and disconnect like in picture below:


5. That's it, reboot modem



If you find your modem won't come online and your area has upgraded to 20megs don't for get you'll have to input the bpi CMDs in Telnet. To do this, follow the instructions below:


1. First stop channel scan with this command:

cd \cm_hal


cd \ (press enter)


2. Now enter the bpi cmd

cd non-vol

cd docsis

enable bpi false



3. Reboot modem


If all has gone well you'll get these results on your modems internal web page []




7e To Reinitiate <> Reset A TSOP


All screenshots and text were compiled by



1) I Seriously Recommend That You First Look At The Datasheet Of The TSOP That You Wish To Reset,

And Make Sure You No The Reset Pin & The Negative Pin [ PIC IS ONLY A GUIDE ]


2) You Need To Find A Button Battery With Output Off 3v (you can find these batteries in PC motherboards)

3) Then Place A Wire From The Positive Of The Battery To Pin12 Of TSOP [The reset pin]

Then Place Another Wire From The Negative Of The Battery To Pin27 [The negative of the TSOP]


And Approximately Leave Them For A Second Or Two.

That Should Be It Your TSOP Is Now Reset So Go And Try It.



4) In Order To Know Where Pin1 Of The TSOP Is You Will Have To Look At The Data Sheet.

[With Different Types Of TSOP There Is Normally A Round Circle Or Indent In A Corner Of The TSOP]



(This example is took from a intel TSOP)


5) If All Went Well You Should Now Have A Reset TSOP.











This guide will allow you to upgrade your Ambit 250 from 250hack_dump_telnet.bin to the inifinite stealth firmware with just ethernet & Telnet.

Because of the many inifinite stealth firmwares out there this guide is using infinit-dump-new.bin for use in pure.


Set NIC ip and gateway to now disable & enable network adapter.

Connect modem power up with no feed

Start tftpd32 Server Interface should read

In the tftpd Settings browse to directory where infinit-dump-new.bin is located select and press OK

Run telnet

enter username (admin) default if you havent changed this already

enter password (infinite) default if you havent changed this already

To stop scanning enter

cd \cm_hal


cd \

enter cd docsis

CM/DocsisCtl> enter dload infinit-dump-new.bin

File should start transferring in tftpd it will show a progress bar

Once flash complete reboot modem

Connect feed and change NIC card settings back to obtain ip address automically now disable & enable network adapter

Open internet and connect to

enter username "Infinite" Notice upper and lower case

enter password "SetValue"Notice upper and lower case

Select software and the software version should read


thats it all done.


credit goes out to


For showing me how to use this tut