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8. Motorola SB3100



The following screen shots and text were put together by


1) Manually assign a ip to the network card you want to use:


2) Connect your sb3100 using just the Ethernet cable and power.


3) Extract the files supplied in the kit to your desktop


4) Cut and paste the opt folder to your root drive which in my case was C:/


5) Run Netboot. This is now the important part so pay attention. Boot over Network will not work in our case (SB3100) so don't try.


6) All we need checked r Enable ftp server…always run and auto IP also check our path to the vxworks is showing:


7) If all is well we should see this picture if you do then proceed to next step /if not get it sorted.


8) Now the magic bit. a pin or a cocktail stick will do…on the back of the SB3100 u will see a small hole(just below ethernet plug) this is a reset button….what we need to do here is trick the modem a little.


9) This parts all about timing and it may take a few trys. My method was to use the old 123 delay and it works for me.


10) So here we go. With your netboot running and SB3100 connected…press,123,press,press and then wait a sec, if you got the timing right you will see this:


11) You may now close netboot as we don't need it anymore/Temporary firmware is now in place…….. now time to make it permanent


12) Follow the 3 steps here and wait for at least 5 mins and let it do its thing, during this time the modem will reset and your new firmware will be permanent.