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9a. Change Firmware on Surfboard Modem - 1 PC Method


This guide is written in steps designed for printing. One step per page, (3 pages in all) - Also important reminders are in red, step headings are in blue. Good Luck……

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Required files:

" NetBoot.exe

" NetBoot.ini


" SB__00-

(the underscores represent different possible files, i.e. 4200, 4100, 2.03, etc. the one used here is: SB4200-


1) Load Netboot,

If you are using windows XP or windows 2000 tick the AUTO IP box as shown below.


2) If you are not using either version of windows then you MUST set the IP to yourself. Usually this can be done by loading control panel, clicking on network and then open the network adaptor connected to the modem. Just scroll down the list until you find TCP/IP and click on properties and input a manual IP (subnet mask =


3) Now set up like this:

Reset Modem before booting: Ticked

Community: public

SNMP Port: 161

Enable FTP Server: Ticked

Always run: NOT Ticked (make sure you untick this)

Auto IP (2k/XP & newer only): Ticked

Adapter: Select the network card connected to modem

FTP root path: Click on the yellow folder button circled in

red below and select the "" file

NOTE: Each model has own specific files so ensure you use the correct ones

NOTE: Remember to type the location to the file ""

NOTE: Select the correct network interface if you have more than one, its the one that connects the computer to the modem.


4) When your ready click on boot over network, and wait for your modem to reboot.


5) Open (shown below)


6) Browse to your firmware and then click on start update.


7) Wait, it can take up to 5 minutes. Your modem will reboot if successful.


9b. Modems from America or Japan

For anybody who has a modem that comes from America or Japan, you will need to do the following:

1) Firstly flash your modem with Fibercoax V9F4


2) Reset to defaults and reboot your modem


3) Go to the internal web pages & click on the configuration tab.


4) Click on the dropdown menu and select "European PAL I/B/G" & click save changes.


Your modem will permanently have this feature available no matter what firmware you decide to flash your modem with.


5) If you now decide you want to change the firmware you've got installed you'll need to first enter into your web browser

This will allow your modem to take updates, (as Fibercoax disables updates by default).


6) Now just follow the tutorial again but in Netboot change your SNMP port to 225 and flash your new choice of firmware to the modem.