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10. Hacked Firmware


Ok hacked firmware comes in three flavors Fibercoax, Hackware and Sigma. Personally I stay away from Sigma as I just don't like the developers TCNISO but there firmware is as good as the other two so basically it's up to you. I'm going to leave out Sigma for the SB4100 & SB4200 as we'll cover it later on with the SB5100. You'll be able to get any of the firmware you need from the following link


10a. Fibercoax

Fibercoax is relatively easy to use. You change the settings of the modem by using "flags", these are entered into your web browser on the modems html page. The following is taken from the read me file that comes with the Fibercoax firmware.

How To Use It

To be able to use this features, simply do this: + flag, whereas the flags are :




Flag /00-

Allows firmware Updates (by default all updates are disabled)




- To restore defaults: reboot the cablemodem


Flag /01-

(Stealth mode)



- To restore defaults: reboot the cablemodem



/04- set config name to NVRam



- To go back to ISP defaults:

(Check the config name that was set, on the fibercoax tab)


/05- boot from Stand alone kernel



We left this feature for advanced users that wants to change Firmware's temporarily (an example would be going to DOCSIS 1.1 FW and back to 1.0) and also to prove that a serial cable isn't needed to do this. Rebooting will restore your FW from flash


/06- Sets SNMP port to defaults


/07- followed by UPPER case 6-byte hex will change HFC MAC address

( - stands for 01:23:45:67:89:AB)



/08- followed by 24 digits will change serial number



/24- Set memory location to dump (uppercase alpha)



(Check the dump results on the Fibercoax tab)




Q) When using the flag do I need to put the ' - ', ex.: /00- ?

A) Yes


Q) What is the stealth mode after all for?

A) It disables the HFC interface and releases the HFC IP, which is used by ISPs so to access your cable modem, via SNMP and others.


Q) Using flag /01- , will I loose network access (internet)?

A) No, you won't. It will make your cable modem stealthy against intrusions, from the HFC side.


Q) Where can I see the config name that I'm using at the mo?

A) Go to the fibercoax tab, and it will be on the top of the page


Q) Will I have to enter the config file name, each time I reboot?

A) No. the config file name that you have set previously, will be retained after booting.


Q) How do I boot from network?

A.) Setup a FTP server with IP, put a kernel in "/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4200/" of FTP server, and create a user with the following settings: username: jmcqueen ; password : rickey7

Status Page

Originally MADE possible by FIBERCOAX TEAM


Here's a screenshot from the status page so you've got an idea of what it looks like:

10b. Hackware

Hackware is a lot more, straight forward, with its easy user interface via the "Hack tab" below is a screen shot which is pretty self explanatory.



Please note once you've installed your firmware you will need to put in your favorite frequency, this is your downstream frequency. The frequencies for the various areas are as follows:

TW: 331000000

NTL: 402750000

Ex-C&W: 586750000