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11e. "bootp referenced but not included" Error (SB3100/SB4100/SB4200)


Some modems may get the following error. "bootp referenced but not included":





If you get the following error, use the following command as posted by



Use the following commands in your Telnet Client if you get error "bootp referenced but not included" when running option 2



2 cs(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb3100t/ e= h= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB3100 o=bs1



2 enetBcm(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4100/ h= e= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB4100 o=bs1



2 enetBcm(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4200/ h= e= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB4200 o=bs1






11f ...Modifying the firmware via the serial cable method


This tutorial describes the process of assembing and using a serial cable to change the firmware

Written by koevoet


on SB4100 & SB4200 cable modems. This will not work on the SB5100 Series.




1. Firstly make sure you’re modem requires using this method ,


as certain firmware can be changed using sbRider in the cable modification kit



2. Secondly you will require something like this:



it is called a Max233 serial adapter, you can either buy one online or make it yourself


(you had better be good at soldering). I am not going to list the parts needed as


everyone should have a search engine on there computers,


(Don’t be lazy, do some research).


3. Now once you have the above mentioned item you are going to need the


respective file for your modem (sb4100 or sb4200). This is also available in


the cable modification kit.


4. The pins for the max233 are as follows





PIN 3: POWER (-)


PIN 4: POWER (+) from left to right


5. These pins will attach to the following points on your modem :











6. You will also need a program called Boot.exe,

once you have the program Boot.exe you have to make a folder name it what ever

you like and copy boot.exe and the relevant copy of the file into this




7. Open HyperTerminal on your computer and create a new connection name it




now in the settings you should set your bit rate to 38400 the rest remains the same


, save this connection.


8. Go to the network connections on your computer and change the settings to this :



9. Now make sure your coax cable is not connected to the modem, connect the


max233, double click on the boot.exe icon in the folder you created,


it should say the date and time and boot server started. Now open hyper terminal


and then connect your power cable, you will see hyper terminal start to read the




quickly press 2 on your keyboard to stop the boot process.


10. On the top of hyper terminal it says transfer ,click on that and then click on


send a text file insert this :


2 enetBcm(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4200/ h= e= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB4200 o=bs1


save this in word pad first .


11. Just alter the modem references depending on the modem ,


if it’s a sb4100 just change it and save it again


12.Once that has been done you should see something like this :



13. Now go to and you should see something like this :




14. The rest kind of explains itself …..Enjoy




11g. List of firmware's that require a serial lead to flash the modem.


Sometimes accidents can happen you might flash your SB4100 with SB4200 firmware or vice versa, you may even just get a bad flash. In some cases the firmware on the modem may prevent you from using Netboot.


Here's a list of firmware's that require a serial lead flash the modem.





The following text was provided

By Koevoet






Green Can Use Netboot - Red Need Serial Cable