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13. SB5100 Tutorial with Broadcom Commands


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1) Connect cable to surfboard


2) Start Blackcat software


3) Once you have started this process do not attempt to open any other programs


NOTE: If for any reason after you have read the memory it says cannot detect flash, unplug the power from the modem and re plug .This should solve the problem as long as you have read and saved the memory you can carry on to the next step


4) Go to Console tab and should detect Manufacturer:


5) Go to Memory tab and select read all:


This will take a while, when finished save file as blackcat.1,




6) Go to the flash tab and click Detect


7) Click write all, open the SB5100 bios folder and select the nosh file and open




8) This is the page you will have on display next; don't panic because this is where you will have to wait at least 40mins for it to finish what its doing. When finished it will say operation done.




9) Click on the 'SB5100' tab, click 'Program' and choose the 'SIGMA-X-1.06.bin' firmware. Got to be this one I had to search the folders on the CD for it. This will take a while to load. When it's done, it will confirm new firmware installed.


10) Next on the Boot loader (bootstrap), click on the yellow folder above the flash tab and find the 'SIGMAX-BL_v2.6-LITE.bin' file. Then click 'Flash', when finished it will say new bootloader installed.




11) When done, unplug the power cable from modem and re-connect


12) Open up an internet browser and goto:


13) Go across to the sigma tab & put a known working Mac in: "HFC MAC Addr:" and then click Change next to that box.


14) Unplug power cable again, and reconnect, then go back to:


15) If not done change this setting to factory mode enabled, then unplug power and reconnect.


16) In the sigma window go to the webshell tab and in the broadcom shell command box;

Type: cd non-vol & click Execute

Type: cd halif & click Execute

Type: cm_annex_3 & click Execute

Type: UpdateSettings & click Execute.............notice caps for the U...and.....S





17) Go to the frequency tab and type in your downstream frequency & click Change, (mines is NTL area, enter yours as appropriate)


18) Go back to webShell, and in the broadcom shell command box;

Type: UpdateSettings & click Execute



19) Unplug power cable & reconnect. Go to then Sigma page

Here type in a valid and working MAC address and press Change.


NOTE: The MAC address shown above is not a real one, it's just made up


20) Unplug modem and connect coax cable (NTL feed cable) & power up. Go back again to:, this time write in the config box the config file for 20meg (mine again is Ntl, enter yours as appropriate)


21) Unplug modem power and re-connect, start up modem & you should be online.