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1. Firstly the JTAG will connect to the modem as follows:


2. You will then have to initialize the software, by clicking on the USB JTAG software icon.









3. Now you need to select the type of modem you are going to flash, to do this click on tools then config, it will then open the following menu:


In this case we will be selecting SB510X, as it's a SB5100 modem we are going to be programming.


4. Next we need to detect the modem, to see if the USBJTAG recognizes it, we do this by typing "detect" in the bottom window:


As you can see from above, it sees the modem has an Intel flash


5. Now we need to issue 2 more commands to get the modem ready for programming these are: ldram & then program


As you can now see in the bottom right hand corner it says "Debug on" this tells us the modem can now be flashed without fear of it crashing, it is best to leave this for 30 seconds to verify that is does not go back to "off" as some Chips contain a watchdog.


6. We will now use a command for restoring a flash, this command is useful for flashing new full flash dumps as well as backups of the modem the command is "rest51". In your software folder you should have the rest51.usp file with the relevant commands for this to work. When this command is inserted you will then have to locate your full flash dump, in this case I am using Fercsa`s latest stealth 13.5 firmware.


7. The firmware should now flash after you have pressed enter


8. On completion it will say if no further programming is needed turn off the modem, script finished, in other words reboot it.


9. Now to check if it has all gone well, on reboot connect the Ethernet cable and browse to, and you should be confronted with the following:



If so then congratulations, you have just flashed a SB5100 modem with Fercsa`s X2 stealth 13.5 firmware.


To get hold of a USBJTAG or software you can go here