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15. Webstar DPC2100, EPC2100


All screenshots and text were compiled by


Watsy1612 (of Digitalworldz)



This guide will teach u how to clone a Webstar modem I have done much research into this. Most of the guide I made myself and other bits I found on and around the internet. But this will work 100% and it's real easy.


1) Identifying your modem:

The Webstar epc2100 & dpc2100 is practically the same as the sb5100. You could have a DPC version or an EPC version they are both exactly the same, but the way you open them is different and the boards are slightly different!

On the left EPC, on the right DPC


2) Opening the Modem:

a. Using a sharp knife to remove the foot pads

b. This will reveal two, t-10 screws which need removing

c. Examine the outline of the case to see two small notches on the underneath, where you can insert a small flat headed screwdriver to pop the case off.

You should now have something that looks like below, this is still the same for both modems and it's only the white connector you need to worry about.

Lye the modem down flat so the Broadcom writing on the big Broadcom chip is upside down, then start at the top of the white connector.

Pin 1 = Rx

Pin 2 = Tx

Pin 3 = GND

Pin 4 = V


NOTE: You can also just buy a console cable and connect it straight in to the white connector on the board. The easiest way is to get an rs232 board and a 4 pin console cable, but if you cannot get a console cable simply attach a sound cable from the back of a CD/DVD drive to your max232 board to the four pins at the end, it's that easy.


3) Connect the console cable to the white connector and make sure the power to your modem is off. Then start hyper terminal which can be done by going to:


Start ' All Programs ' Accessories ' Communications ' Hyper Terminal.


When it loads, do the following:

a. Enter any number in the area code box

b. Click OK to the accept default modem settings

c. Click OK on the next screen again

d. It'll popup with a box saying new connection, call it Webstar & click OK

e. Select your com port and click OK

f. Enter the port settings as shown and click OK:

Bits per Second = 115200

Data bits = 8

Parity = NONE

Stop Bits = 1

Flow Control = Hardware


4) Once your console cable is connected and your hyper terminal is communicating to the modem, as long as you have done all of the above, then you should start to see messages in your console window.


You will be asked to press 1, 2, or p before the request disappears,

Type: p

This will halt the boot process and will display the modems console menu like below:


Note: If it does not, disconnect power to the modem, and connect again, making sure you press p in time (you only have a second or so to do this!)


Main menu

D) Download and save to flash

G) Download and run from ram

C) Store iceProm Bootloader to flash

B) Boot from flash

E) Erase Flash Sector

M) Set mode

S) Store Bootloader Parameters to flash

I) RE-init Ethernet

R) Read Memory

W) Write Memory


5) Before doing anything else in Hyper Terminal, we need to set up TFTP.

Start TFTP, click on settings, and change the output directory to the directory for the firmware image.


6) Not go back to Hyper Terminal and hit the magic D button on your keyboard.


NOTE: Some of them I have done, have flashed the modem straight away, others ask you to put the TFTP server IP in but it's real easy and the instructions are on screen.


7) Wait about 20-25 minutes depending on your setup.


8) Hurray, you have a Webstar modem running on ambit 250 firmware. Just go to: in your internet browser and change the MAC, then restart and away you go.