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16. Baseline Privacy (BPI) Hack


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In some areas, NTL are initializing baseline privacy (BPI), this is the first steps for the CC`s to attempt to stop the cloning business, if your modem locks on a d/s freq, but will not come online, have a look on the main page (of to see if it says baseline privacy skipped or enabled.


If BPI is enabled, then you will have to telnet to the modem and apply these commands to disable it, this will allow you to come online, bear in mind this may not be the cause as some clones do still come online even with bpi enabled!


You'll need to Telnet to your modem and enter the following commands:


cd /non-vol/docsis

enable bpi false


cd /



To get into Telnet:

1) Goto the start menu and select Run

2) Type: telnet & press Enter (A telnet window should now pop up)

And that's it your done.


NOTE: If for any reason this does not work, you can also do it this way:

1) Goto the start menu and select Run

2) Type: cmd & press Enter (A new dos window should pop up)

3) In the dos window, type: telnet & press Enter