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14. Motorola SB5101

14a. Method 1

Unfortunately theirs no hacked firmware available yet for the SB5101 but have a read of the following that was posted on Modshack by:



In the blackcat program folder, go to the broadcom folder and add this line to the broadcom.bc file jtagpart 0x3349 "bcm3349" "bcm3349_docsis" and create a new .bc file containing this line script "./jtagparts/common/ejtag.bcs" and save the file as bcm3349.bcs


Build 126+ is the only version that has support for 5101 devices. Unfortunately for all you pirates, these builds have online protection integrated so you must be a member and have purchased a firmware.


Well now you can sort your 5101 modem out without being a TCNIO member and having the latest Shwarzekatze.


Do the above in build 120.