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17. Directly install SB5000 Series modems to PC and run off PC PSU


Here's how you can directly install the SB5000 series modems to your PC and run it off the PC's PSU.


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First thing is to open the case and find space to fix the surfboard.

Open the SB and remove from its case.

Remove the nut that's attached to the coax feed and remove the metal plate.


Now line up the SB from inside, making sure that plenty of air can circulate around it, and that it will not touch any of the electrical parts of the PC, and mark out where you need to remove the metal (I used a small pair of snips)…


Once this has been done, be very careful that NONE of the metal falls into the PC.

Now just fix the backing plate over the hold you make with the modem in place, fastened by the nut:




Once this is done, it should look like this, or as near as. You can just use the power adapter that came with the surfboard, and if you want to do this, you are now done!



What I did was to solder a spare adapter I had to the power supply of the Surfboard, and connect it to my power supply from the PC:


Yellow = 12V

Black = 0V (Negative)


Note: red wire from picture on the left, leads to the yellow wire on the Molex connector in the picture on the right.


This would free up a valuable socket space, and do away with the SB transformer











Picture showing internal power (Green Lights)





Regards, Granty.