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2b. Sniffing for new MAC Addresses using DHCP Force




Now we know about UBR's, lets talk about Sniffing out Macs. Theirs a few programs out there that will suit your needs, the most popular is DHCP Force, others include CM Sniff and Mac Reaper. I'll Cover DHCP Force as its most commonly covered and a tutorial is already written.




The following screen shots and text were put together by







In this section I am going to tell you how I search for and find new Mac addresses using DHCP Force.




First off you need the program this can be found in most forums.




When you 1st run the program this is the screen you should have in front of you:









Once you have this screen up all you have to do to start sniffing for Mac addresses on your gateway is go to DHCP and select start sniffing as seen in next screen:







Once you have hit the start sniffing button it becomes a case of sit back and wait for it to scan your gateway and find any Macs available, this is time consuming and slow and at present seems to take a day or two of constant scanning so just get on with summit else while you wait :




One point I will make when scanning for Macs is that you must not be connected to a Router or have a firewall enabled, you will just get back blank results as a few peeps from forums have found out, it can be done but its best just to unplug modem from router and do the scan.




The other thing you have got to consider is once you have all your Macs you are going to have to trade Macs with someone in your surrounding area as you cant use the Macs from your gateway as the network will see two people with the same Mac address and start kicking each of you off all the time, this is the reason you need to find someone in your area that is on a different gateway, swap Macs and then use the new Mac to clone a modem. Most forums that deal with cable have a Mac swapping thread.


Once finished sniffing you should have a picture like this with address and Macs in etc:









You can save these addresses by right clicking on the addresses and selecting Dump info to file as in picture, this file is saved were you run your DHCP Force program from.




The thing I always do as well is get rid of all the slower config files cause you no you will never use them so there is no point in having a list of them :


Only keep your mid and high ones, there is also a 10meg at min as well.