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Optimising your Hacked 20Mb broadband connection



Is your 20Mb connection not as fast as you thought? The default settings on your Windows XP PC can hinder the speed of such a fast connection, so we've put together a short guide to optimise your Windows XP PC for our 20Mb broadband service.


PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are based on single computers being connected to the cable modem, and alternative configuration changes may be needed for home networked computers. We suggest that you try a website such as for further help.




Change the default settings and optimise your connection

From the Desktop

Right click on My Computer

Select Properties

Select Device Manager (see below)


Double click on Network Adapters and then the Network Card (see below)

Select the Advanced tab

Select the Link Speed/Duplex Mode property. In most circumstances the best setting for this is Auto Negotiation. However some PC network cards do not auto-negotiate these settings correctly with the Cable Modem so selecting 100Mbps/Full Duplex or 100Mbps/Half duplex may provide a better result for your PC Network card. It is safe to try these two alternative settings to see which setting works best for your PC's Network card.


If neither of these options appears in the list of options you may have an older Network card which will limit your speed to less than 10Mbps


Click OK

Close the Device Manager and return to the Desktop

Click on Start

Select Connect To and then Show All Connections

Double click the Local Area Connection

Select the General tab and click on Properties

If QOS Packet Scheduler is installed, click on it to highlight

Then click Uninstall, and when the dialogue box appears click Yes

Close the Local Area Connection Properties window, Local Area Connection Status window and the Network Connections window; and return to the Desktop



Tune up your broadband connection


To optimise your connection further, you might like to try using the TCP Optimizer to help you tweak and improve the how your PC connects to the Internet.

However, we should point out that this is a third party's software and is not software which we support so we do not guarantee that it will help resolve your problems and we are not liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of using such software save to the extent that we are not permitted to exclude or restrict our liability.


From the Desktop start Internet Explorer

Go to and download TCP Optimizer

Download TCP Optimizer

On completion of the download, select Run

Push the slider fully right to 20000 (see below)



Ensure your network card is selected in the Network Adapter Selection box

Select Optimal Settings from the bottom of the panel

Click Apply Changes

Restart your PC