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2c. Mac Swap Tutorial



 There seems to be loads of people struggling to get their heads round the Mac Trade Threads, so I've put this together to help.




1. Go to the Mac Trade thread






2. Once in the Mac Trade thread, click the tab that says "Search this thread".


A drop down box will appear. Now type in your Town or City and click "Go".





3. Now you will have a list of everybody who's posted a request in your Town / City. Note down the names of the people who've posted requests and send them a polite PM asking for a trade.







Now if you haven't already posted in the Mac Trade thread, do so now, the reason being, so other members, who may need Macs in the future, can go through the same process.




This is however by no means always going to work. You'll still have to rely on other people to be generous and send you Macs and you may also find nobody from your area has posted. The only other option then is to go to a mates or family members and scan from there if they live outside your UBR but within the server limits. Another way is to go out with a wireless laptop and see if you can get into somebody's wireless network and bring up the web interface of their cable modem and get a Mac like that, although you'll need to check the UBR address first to make sure it's compatible for you.




If you don't know your UBR click one of these links to find it.