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3. Spoofing You NIC (Network Interface Card)


Now the above is not essential but if you have a subscribed modem which is recommended, and you plan to connect your clone to the same network card (Ethernet Card also known as NIC & Network Interface Card) you should take some precautions as the cable companies can see your NIC and can log the against your modems Mac address. So for example you connect your subscribed modem to your PC through your NIC then you connect a cloned modem to the same pc using the same NIC then the cable co. will know you've used a clone on your PC and you'll get the dreaded knock on the door. All of this of course is theoretical and I've never heard of anybody getting caught using a clone like, to be honest I've never heard of any body getting caught using a clone but that's another topic all together.


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3a. Changing your NIC MAC


This is a simple procedure, download SMAC from one of the various forums, run it and enter the Mac address you want in the boxes as shown bellow and hit update Mac, restart pc and your done.


I personally recommend you only change the last two or three digits of the NIC Mac as completely changing the Mac can cause your PC to not detect a network connection. Also if you have never connected a subscribed modem to the NIC you are going use your clone on then there will be no need to spoof the NIC Mac address. If you have never used Ethernet and only used USB or just plan to use your clone via USB then you will not need to spoof the NIC as it will not be getting used.